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Retreats at Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast, Maui

Retreats at Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast: Catering at Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast holds a special place in our hearts at Lotus Chefs. Owner Kyra Bramble completed her Yoga Teacher Training there in 2016 with Maui studio, Mangala Yoga, and has since catered numerous trainings and retreats hosted by the studio.

Nestled on 2 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens on the slopes of majestic Haleakalā in Upcountry Maui, the Banyan Tree offers a serene retreat setting. The Main House, a historic home shaded by exotic Banyan and Monkeypod trees, boasts elegant architecture and modern amenities, including a formal dining room and chef-friendly kitchen.

Ideal for gatherings of all sizes, the Banyan Tree warmly welcomes families, friends, and retreat groups to enjoy the entire property together. For those seeking a spacious and private retreat experience, the entire property can be rented as a group, providing exclusive access to the Main House and three additional cottages.

With its family-owned legacy and warm energy, the venue exudes a welcoming atmosphere. Situated between North Shore beaches and the mountain roads leading to Haleakalā, the Banyan Tree benefits from refreshing trade winds, offering a cooler retreat experience compared to tourist areas of the island.

Considerations for Retreat Leaders at Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast: Size and Layout 
Banyan Tree House Bed & Breakfast offers a variety of accommodations, including the Main House and several external suites and cottages, providing guests with a range of options for their stay. The Main House is a spacious historical house accommodating up to 8 people with a spacious living room and a formal dining room. The kitchen is restaurant-quality and ready for cooking for groups. It also includes a lanai overlooking extensive gardens, perfect for relaxation, a yoga studio, and enjoying the natural surroundings. There is a saltwater pool and hottub, overlooking Maui’s North Shore.


  • Hibiscus: Sleeps up to 4 guests with 2 Queen beds.
  • Gardenia: Sleeps up to 4 guests with 2 Queen beds.
  • Sue’s Cottage: Sleeps up to 5 guests with 2 Queen beds and 1 twin trundle bed.
  • Banyan Suite: Sleeps up to 4 guests with 1 King bed and 1 single bed.
  • Bamboo Suite: Sleeps up to 5 guests with 2 Queen beds and 2 singles.
  • Plumeria: Sleeps up to 2 guests with 1 Queen bed.
  • Note: the property has undergone renovations as the family who owns the property and lives onsite evolves, inquire directly for updated information. 

Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast: Location
Located in the charming town of Makawao in Upcountry Maui, Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast offers guests a picturesque retreat amidst the island’s lush landscape. Situated within walking distance to the town center, guests can easily explore Makawao’s local shops and charming paniolo (cowboy) atmosphere. Although the road lacks sidewalks, the town’s close proximity makes it convenient for guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant community. Just a 15-minute drive away lies Paia, a surfer town brimming with local shops, beaches, and the opportunity to encounter sea turtles. Makawao’s strategic location at the lower part of Haleakalā provides retreat leaders with easy access to explore the breathtaking sunrise or sunset vistas at the crater. Additionally, bordering Haiku town offers access to the lush jungles and majestic waterfalls that mark the beginning of the Road to Hana adventure. With its central location and proximity to both natural wonders and vibrant communities, Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast serves as the perfect base for exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural treasures of Maui’s Upcountry.

Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast: Retreat Chef Considerations 
At Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast, we chefs will find ourselves in a culinary paradise within the restaurant-quality kitchen, brimming with treasures accumulated over years of use. Equipped with top-notch appliances and ample space for preparation, this kitchen inspires creativity and culinary excellence. For intimate gatherings, the formal dining room provides an elegant setting for small group dining experiences, adding a touch of sophistication to every meal. However, for larger groups, additional tables and setup may be needed to accommodate everyone comfortably. Fortunately, the location of Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast offers convenient access to the island’s largest farmers market and an array of nearby farms, ensuring we have access to the freshest ingredients for culinary creations. With numerous citrus and banana trees scattered across the property, we can infuse our dishes with the vibrant flavors of locally grown produce onsite, adding a delicious touch of Maui to every meal.

Pros and Cons for Retreats at Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast


  1. Private Upcountry Location: Banyan Tree offers a secluded retreat setting amidst the serene landscapes of Upcountry Maui, providing privacy and tranquility for guests.
  2. Proximity to North Shore, Haleakalā, and Jungles: Guests can easily explore the diverse landscapes of Maui, from the renowned beaches of the North Shore to the majestic summit of Haleakalā and the lush jungles of Haiku, all within close proximity.
  3. Sunshine and Openness: Despite its upcountry location, Banyan Tree enjoys abundant sunshine, offering guests the opportunity to bask in the warm tropical weather while still enjoying the privacy of the property.
  4. Private Property: As a family-run establishment, Banyan Tree exudes a local energy and charm, providing guests with a personalized and authentic experience.
  5. Historical Location: Steeped in history, Banyan Tree offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Maui, adding depth and character to their retreat experience.
  6. Chef’s Kitchen: The fully equipped chef’s kitchen allows for gourmet culinary experiences, with access to fresh local ingredients and top-notch appliances.
  7. Private Pool and Hot Tub: Guests can unwind and rejuvenate in the private pool and hot tub, offering a luxurious and relaxing experience amidst the natural beauty of the surroundings.


  1. Limited Accommodation: Banyan Tree may only accommodate smaller groups, limiting the size of retreats that can be hosted on the property.
  2. Lack of Yoga Studio: The absence of a dedicated yoga studio may pose challenges for retreat leaders, although past practitioners have improvised by practicing outside under the banyan tree or utilizing the sunroom in the main house.
  3. Transportation Considerations: The secluded upcountry location of Banyan Tree may require additional transportation arrangements for guests, as it is not as easily accessible as resorts and hotels located in more central or coastal areas of Maui. This could add logistical complexity for retreat organizers and participants, especially those without personal vehicles.

Could be Either:

  1. Rustic Location: While some may appreciate the rustic charm and cooler weather away from the resorts and hotels, others may prefer a more classic hot beach experience typical of Maui’s coastal areas.

What Lotus Chefs offers

Love in Every Bite 
At Lotus Chefs, every dish is more than just a meal – it’s a heartfelt embrace. For our retreat catering, we pour love and intention into every culinary creation, ensuring that each bite resonates with the soulful purpose of your retreat. Our approach transcends mere cooking, turning every meal into a nourishing experience that aligns with the transformative journey of your guests.

High Vibe Ingredients
Drawing inspiration from Maui’s fertile earth, Lotus Chefs embodies a genuine farm-to-table spirit. We proudly source around 80% of our ingredients, from vibrant produce to prime meat & seafood, right from local terrains. Enhanced with high-end organic superfoods and through collaborations with esteemed local purveyors, our offerings are a testament to our unwavering dedication to culinary brilliance and the heart of our community.

Chef Sisterhood 
Our services are crafted by a remarkable team of talented chefs and hospitality experts, who happen to be an all-female ensemble. While we don’t wear our gender as a badge, it’s undeniable that our team brings a touch of feminine intuition, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail. Just as in yoga, where balance and intention are key, our team imbues every meal and event with precision and soul, celebrating the feminine spirit.

Food for Every Belly 
Embracing the diverse tapestry of dietary paths, Lotus Chefs seamlessly caters to preferences ranging from vegan to gluten-free, soy-free, and beyond. With each retreat bearing its unique intention, we artfully tailor our menus, ensuring that the nourishment we provide resonates deeply with your retreat’s core essence. Reach out to find out why we are the go-to for retreat catering Maui services.


We love cooking for retreats at Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast. Its family-run historical charm, unique location, and ease make it one of our favorites to cook at for more intimate groups.

Inquiries for availability are made directly through Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast, by emailing, or by calling/texting (808) 866-6225. Inquiries for chef services or more information can be through our Contact Page. 

If you're considering booking at Banyan Tree, we'd love to cook for you!

Five Star Chef Reviews

Our family owns multiple restaurants in both Chicago and Seattle, some for more than 30 years. During that time we’ve sampled the food of dozens of chefs who wanted to work for us, including CIA grads and some with Michelin stars. KYRA RANKS AT THE VERY TOP. With her terrific assistants, Heidi and Allisa, Kyra created an incredible 6 course dinner and served 10 of us with incredible style and timing from the miniscule kitchen of our hotel suite. We’ve eaten in fine restaurants all over the world (including our own) and would rate the meal Kyra created for us as truly among the very best. You’ll be lucky if you can book her!

Dan RosenthalRestauranteur, Pike Place Hospitality Group, Seattle

Kyra was so accommodating to my picky eater status. She called me ahead of the retreat to ensure she had food for the week that I would be able to enjoy. I was very appreciative. Throughout the week I ate way more than I thought I would and even tried some new foods I had never had before. She is an amazing, creative chef who I highly recommend!

Brittany MacKinnonMother and cancer survivor, Project Koru

Kyra and her team provided us with a world-class experience of cuisine during our company retreat in Maui. She also helped get us in touch with other amazing people in the hospitality industry that included a mixologist, massage therapist, and more. Highly recommend!

Armon PetrossianFounder & CEO, Coalesce Software

Kyra is amazing! She was always pleasant and very responsive to my emails. Meeting her in person was a delight with her upbeat personality and love for her craft! She is skilled and creative. The plant based meal she created for us was thoughtful and delicious! Each dish is beautifully prepared and presented with attention to every detail. She went above and beyond our expectations! If you are looking for an extraordinary experience I highly recommend Kyra-you will not be disappointed!

Janice WrenProfessional vacationer and foodie

Kyra is pure magic! I worked with Kyra to create a stunning picnic on the beach in Hawaii, and her food was so delicioius. On top of that, she helped to coordinate a gorgeous picnic set up with some of her colleagues out there, and holy MOLY was the result incredible. She *even* helped us get a few professional photographs--which speak for themselves. If you are looking for any kind of catering or prepared meals, Kyra infuses all that she makes with pure love. Thank you for making our experience so special, Kyra!

Susannah StokesPresident, Dountoinc & Retreat Leader

I had the pleasure of hiring Kyra to cater my most recent ShaktiRize retreat in Maui. She showed up on so many levels, from bringing altars, to Kangan water, to dropping into class with the other women. The menu was fully vegan and gluten-free and was not only delicious, but also intentional and presented beautifully. She put a lot of work into featuring local vendors and produce. I can't wait to work with her again.

Jasmine JudsonFounder, ShaktiRize

Kyra was an amazing chef and prepared a memorable dinner for me and my family- we were celebrating my daughter in law's 30th birthday. The food was out of this world. She was so good with my young grand children and they even ate her food. I highly recommend Kyra to cook in your home.

Eva HickeyBest grandma & mother-in-law ever!

My family was very happy with the “Hawaiian” inspired brunch Chef Kyra and her team prepared. Everything was prepared fresh with local ingredients and was beautifully presented. From Ahi Eggs Benedict to the juice bar, my family raved about the entire meal. Chef Kyra and her team were also fantastic in their service and so fun and friendly. When in Maui again, I would definitely use her services.

Tracy GBrunch aficionado
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